Avalin Dental Clinic - 24h Challenge Landing Page

Avalin Dental Clinic Website Landing Page


The Avalin Dental Clinic project originated from an Instagram challenge on the designer blazek.design's profile.

The task was to analyze, prepare a mood board, wireframe, and complete homepage within 24 hours on a topic chosen from the most responses.

The chosen topic was a dental clinic with a predetermined brief and a focus on cleanliness, clarity, and modernity of the website.

The website must include certain sections such as Home, Benefits, Services and Prices, About Us, Our Team, and Contact.

The goal of the website is to create appointments for the dental clinic.

Avalin Dental Clinic Laptop Mockup


To make the design look authentic, I spent the first hour creating a logo and a specific name for the clinic that would look modern.

The Futura font is suitable for an elegant and modern effect.When preparing the moodboard, I drew inspiration from well-known websites such as Awwwards and Behance and tried to find the most clear design that would make the user feel calm and eliminate the fear of pain from dental procedures.

The logo, on the other hand, should give the impression that it is not a 50-year-old clinic, but a high-quality service with the latest technology.

Avalin Dental Clinic iPhones Mockup


The intro section, which sets the tone for the rest of the website, was crucial and if the user did not feel comfortable here, they might not continue reading.

A friendly lady with a beautiful white smile should help to reduce the fear and at the same time show the result that can be achieved.

The blue color is meant to evoke trust and confidence, while the purple elements, on the other hand, serve to stand out from the competition.

To increase trust, it was also appropriate to use Google reviews and photos of certificates and awards.

This overall design was then posted on Instagram among the few top ideas. That motivated me to create it in Webflow and add it to my portfolio.

Avalin Dental Clinic Pages Mockup

Let's do it

If you were impressed by the project above and would like me to design and create a website for you, I would be happy to discuss your requirements or assist with the design of new websites🙂

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