Stay Alive - Rescuers Website Landing Page

Stay Alive Landing Page


The goal was to create a complete representative website for professional first aid training courses from experienced rescuers from Liberec, Czech Republic.

Stay Alive Project Showcase of font and colors


The preparation of the design proposal required some minor adjustments to the photos in Photoshop to ensure that the website did not have too many different colors and did not appear chaotic in the end.

The overall design of the website was based on the existing logo, which was crucial for the color palette design. These colors were then used in a precise proportion throughout the pages.

The golden lines in the background of the logo inspired the tilted sections and images, giving the website a unique look while still maintaining its clarity and readability.

Stay Alive Phone and Tablet Mockup


We quickly approved the website design proposal. The website development took a bit longer as I didn't have the Webflow platform in hand back then, so I had to occasionally go back and make a few changes to the website structure to achieve the desired responsiveness on all devices.

After completing and launching the website, I set up basic SEO to help improve search engine rankings. I made sure that the pages were easily indexed by search engines and evaluated by Google as user-friendly.

Stay Alive Pages Mockup

Let's do it

If you were impressed by the project above and would like me to design and create a website for you, I would be happy to discuss your requirements or assist with the design of new websites🙂


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