Orinoco Coffee Branding

Orinoco Coffee is a fictional specialty coffee roaster named after the Orinoco River in South America. The Orinoco is believed to be the source of where Colombian coffee first originated. They offer a range of responsibly sourced, fair-trade, roasted Colombian coffee beans and coffee paraphernalia.

I challenged myself to create a brand as bold as their coffee. This fictional client sells and distributes worldwide, and they compete with some of the biggest global coffee brands out there. To accommodate the amount of brand collateral that Orinoco would need to produce at this scale, I created a standout brand that's simple and recognizable for their customers worldwide -- and easy to roll out across all packaging, marketing collateral, and more. 

The outdoorsy logo emblem is inspired by the image of the Orinoco River shown on the billboard above.

Elissa Stanick-Woods | Woodse Creative Co.
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