Guardian Labs — 3D Illustration for Web3

3D → Dmytro Repei

Motion → Ilya Kostin

Art Direction → Artem Kostenko

Empowering users with smart contract wallets.

This is the mission of our clients.

Guardian Labs delivers programmable Web3 blockchain game infrastructure for game publishers and platforms. Founded on the principles of integrity and innovation our aim is to protect users in web3. White labelled game solution allows game developers to quickly and easily integrate safe, audited lending functionality for game NFTs without the cost of custom infrastructure, leaving them to focus on their players and their game.

As a cutting-edge Proof of Reputation protocol, Guardian Labs ensures complete decentralisation while offering unparalleled transparency, protection and fraud prevention

We are delighted to have collaborated with such a truly progressive service, and we're excited to share our work with you!

For Guardian Labs we’ve created 2D and 3D illustrations, capturing the essence of the product's core values: simplicity, transparency, and modernity. Our illustrations showcase the seamless integration of these principles into the design, reinforcing the commitment to an intuitive user experience.

In future publications, we’ll share more illustrations and processes in more detail, for now, enjoy the project here.

We are open for work. Let's discuss your project!

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