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As a designer, I embarked on the creation of Petale App, a cutting-edge Web3-based application powered by the Vortex blockchain. The primary objective of this app is to revolutionize investment and wealth management by embracing transparency and sustainability, while also providing liquidity to the real economy. Throughout the design process, I prioritized simplicity and an intuitive user experience to ensure a seamless interaction for our users.

One of the key features of Petale App is its innovative approach to portfolio diversification. By leveraging tokenization, users can effortlessly invest in a wide range of previously inaccessible assets. From breathtaking real estate properties to exquisite fine art and even exciting solar plants worldwide, these assets are made available through tokenized real-world asset cards. This groundbreaking concept empowers users to explore new investment opportunities in a simple and intuitive manner.

My CoDesign work for Petale App encompassed the development of a robust design system that maintained consistency and coherence across the app's interfaces. I created user flows that guided users through their journey and simplified the app's functionalities. By leveraging the power of Figma, I organized the project efficiently, fostering collaboration and facilitating seamless communication with stakeholders. Through these efforts, the design system, user flows, and organized Figma project contributed to the overall success and user-friendliness of Petale App.

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Posted on May 9, 2023
Pierre-Olivier Cuillière
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