How I got a job at google / Medium Article / Personal Branding

Recently, I've had a lot of people ask me how I got a job at Google. Questions like what kind of work did you show? What did your portfolio look like? What about your resume?

I've been entertaining the idea of blogging for a while about industry related stuff, so this might be my first article. "How to market yourself as a designer" or something equally as snazzy. It isn't all just about Dribbble and likes, sure that helps but thats just a small piece of the puzzle.

This post shows the portfolio site and resume that I made last year when I started to apply for jobs. Every time I've applied for a new job I've created a new portfolio site from scratch, coded it, and re-created my resume to match. These little things that suck up the potential beach days, or concert days on the weekend with your friends, are the things that help determine your level of success as a designer.

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