Rapid Copywriting - plugin for figma

Easily add some really good copywriting to your design, rapidly.

Access 1000+ fine-tuned copywriting options for UI and landing pages generated by AI. The texts are stored locally for easy and fast access, with no subscription required. Say goodbye to boring copywriting in your designs.

Still can't move on from lorem ipsum? We've got you covered with lorem included.

What's included:

  • 1000+ copy ideas

  • Quickly swap existing text in your selection with one click

  • Instant search results based on keywords

  • Organized website and UI copy categories

  • Variants of formal and casual tones to choose from

How to use:

Simply click to swap the ready-made copywriting with your selected text layer.

Use the search filter to find the desired tone, such as "formal" or "casual".

Please note: Lists are randomized to offer different options every time you use the plugin or search in categories.

What not to expect from the plugin:

  • Waiting for AI to generate the texts for you.

  • Spending time to create prompts to get some texts.

These copywritings were handpicked so you don't have to spend time prompting texts from AI.

Try yourself:


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