Free set of 100+ UX mockups for iPhone and iPad

Hey guys! After a year of work we're proud to announce that we finally made it! Awesome UX kit with 100+ iPhone/iPad UX mockups is available for FREE download. Yes, that's right! Totally free and without any charge!

Go to and grab them now! :)

We will be adding 40 new mockups each week, until we hit 600 for both platforms (iPhone/iPad). So please follow "Awesomed" agency to follow latest releases. This will be the biggest free UX kit available online. And totally for FREE. Desktop version coming soon as well.

It's for you, guys :) Have fun!

P.S. We're still in BETA mode, therefore a lot of tweaks will be made during next couple of weeks. Also, please feel free to contact us if you find some bugs! Cheers!

Posted on Jul 6, 2015
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