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I am happy to share a case study for the relation/mapping function we designed for Doss.

What is Doss?

Doss is building an Adaptive Resource Platform (ARP), which serves as a record system for companies with physical operations. It’s an alternative to traditional ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, allowing companies to onboard within minutes, without the need to implement, debug, and without huge set-up costs. Doss integrates with the operations tool stack like Shopify, Flexport, ShipStation, Xero, and Quickbooks.


One of the biggest challenges we faced was designing a relation between two or more databases. The user has the ability to do it automatically (by populating columns in bulk), or manually by assigning individual cells from database A to respective cells in database B - and so on.

The user can set multiple properties for each relationship. They can add multiple records from database A or database B to a specific cell in database C. Another option that allows for practically unlimited database connection is to create custom formulas.

Check out live version:

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