Avenir Immo

Custom built in Wordpress, Avenir Immo’s website showcases their mission, vision and portfolio.

Founded in 2016, Avenir Immo is a community-driven real estate firm with a mission to invest in quality design, champion innovation, and always put clients first. Their properties serve the neighborhoods where they are built and add value to those who work in or use them. Carefully crafted with both fashion and function in mind, they create unique spaces that support the needs of entrepreneurs and local communities.

Avenir Immo came to Dextel to create a fresh edge that reflects their fervent passion for design and quality in the projects they develop and invest in. Our team creates a fully-custom bilingual website, all set up on WordPress, that showcases their innovative projects. WordPress was customized to allow the Avenir Immo team to easily manage their content, locations, and projects. The modern and interactive design enables users to navigate the site smoothly and feel the sense of openness and community. With their newly designed website, Avenir Immo is ready to expand their business to build better communities.


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Posted on Apr 12, 2023
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