Fintech app for 1.5 million users in Uruguay

🇺🇾 Uruguay | 💸 Fintech | 🗓 2021 - Present

A prepaid card and an app to manage the money of over 1.5 million users in Uruguay

An app to manage money from multiple accounts. With the Midinero app, users can collect their salary, shop at thousands of stores, pay their bills, make transfers and much more.

This app allows users manage their money an easy way:

  • Transfer money

  • Check account balance and money activity

  • Check the details for each income or spend

  • Manage account through limit amount control, card blocking, travel notification and security features.

  • International card application for registration of new customers through the app.

Technical challenges

Nareia took on the challenge of redesigning the Midinero app seeking to enhance its former reputation in terms of usability and security.

Get this app and try it:

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Posted on Apr 20, 2023
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