Message Editor Improvements

Adaptive and Responsive layout

  • The editor as a whole has been updated to be complete browser responsive, meaning that the Editor layout adapts and restructures based on the desktop screen size.

Color and Contrast

  • One of the biggest noticeable changes is a change in color and contrast. In our previous implementation of the message editor, we used bold stark competing colors to create strong contrast and emphasis, our updated editor pulls back on color and contrast and utilizes it to better reestablish hierarchy and emphasis.

  • Menus are toned down to create more emphasis and focus on the canvas, while establishing better hierarchy between primary, secondary, and tertiary actions. 

Menu Consolidation and Reorganization

  • We’ve consolidated the brand bar and subject bar into 1 cohesive component, providing additional canvas height and space. We’ve updated actions to utilize a Primary, secondary, and tertiary structure to create better action hierarchy, and reorganized menu actions to create better context.

Micro Interactions

  • The Elements Panel has been updated from its current skeuomorphic aesthetic, designed to appear as a real-world draggable button, to a more subtle simplistic button.  Utilizing subtle micro interactions to create focus and movement, which creates a more modern feel.

Posted on Apr 9, 2023
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