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We have created a design shot that features OneHire branding.

OneHire is a company specializing in recruitment for the IT industry. OneHire's task is to search for specialists and verify their qualifications. πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

The logo was created on the basis of the first letter of the word "one" and its literal meaning - the number 1. While working on branding, we have also developed pictograms that are an integral part of branding. We use pictograms as an accent to illustrations or content.

Thanks to this, the brand's content is consistent, custom and even more individual.

The project is the result of the collaboration of many people from our Vision Trust team, but in particular, big applause for Patryk Zarach, our Brand Designer who prepared the complete branding and Jakub StaroΕ„, Head of Design, who was responsible for the UX and UI of the website.

Check out their profiles on πŸ€ Dribbble! πŸ‘†

What was the scope of work for OneHire:

β†’ UX & Brand research

β†’ Logo design

β†’ Brand design

β†’ Web design

β†’ GUI

Soon we will be able to boast of a case study for this project, where I will show you the entire spectrum of work of our Vision Trust team!

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