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Has become! I had to test it in my own work, on my own skin and draw my own conclusions. 🤯 I used photos taken by AI for the project. 🫣 Thus, the photos were the inspiration for the design process.

What is MidJourney 5

Midjourney is a program based on artificial intelligence. The algorithm generates images based on textual descriptions.

Project and a few words from me

At this stage, I personally see the advantages of using technological solutions offered by AI. 🙌 Thanks to MidJourney 5, you can create a quick concept and explore the direction, e.g. for a landing page.

Thanks to this, the implementation of the project can be much more efficient and less costly in the initial stages of building the design concept.Opportunities to explore experimental and creative solutions are more accessible and less expensive. 🧐

However, there is a condition for the new technology to be an ally and not an enemy of all people involved in design:

→ If we use available technologies in a sustainable way.

→ If we treat AI as an additional tool for our work.

→ If these types of technologies are not perceived as a ready-made, full-fledged tool that generates a ready and finished product.

I'm waiting for your feedback, what do you think about AI? Let me know!



The graphics you see in my project were generated by Eric Groza. I refer to his publication. It was his post that prompted me to implement this project and tackle this topic. ©

Here is the link:

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