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The metaphors that we’ve designed productivity apps around have been changing rapidly in the past few years. Beyond analog metaphors, like a blank page, that inspired apps like #Word, today online productivity looks a lot different than it did a decade ago. That’s where Loop, our newest Microsoft365 app (currently in public preview), came into the picture. Loop is a product that’s design was inspired by modern day collaboration. The principles behind its UX & UI reflect that– with interaction design centered around how to help users build ideas from scratch and from there facilitate collaboration through its ecosystem.  


With an emphasis on modern collaboration, its user experience cues are ones derived from messaging experiences. As Nathan Kile, Loop's Principal Design Director says, “Loop’s design is one that helps people quickly get thoughts out of their head, makes it fast for groups to get together, and is optimized for collaborative work.”  


Today on the blog, we dive into the design philosophy and principles behind Loop and learn about the research insights that informed a uniquely iterative product making process.  

Posted on Mar 22, 2023
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