Stilo Snowboarding Brand


Stilo is a snowboarding apparel brand driven by a passion for adventure and individuality. Their mission is to provide cutting-edge apparel that embodies the spirit of the snowboarding community, offering comfort, and impeccable style.


Stilo sought to create a captivating logo and brand identity that resonated with snowboarders worldwide. The goal was to capture the essence of snowboarding culture while reflecting the brand's commitment to modernity and authenticity.


For the logo, I developed a dynamic and sleek wordmark design that embodies the brand's versatility. The typography is bold and modern, reflecting the energy and excitement of snowboarding. The logo's clean lines and fluidity evoke movement and freedom, capturing the essence of the sport.

The result is a visual identity that is both modern and authentic, reflecting Stilo's commitment to innovation and adventure.

Beyond the logo, the brand identity extends to various touchpoints such as packaging, website design, and social media assets. Each element is carefully curated to create a cohesive and immersive experience for snowboarders and outdoor enthusiasts. Social media assets feature dynamic visuals and engaging content, further reinforcing Stilo's presence within the snowboarding community.


Through the creation of a dynamic logo and brand identity, Stilo has successfully captured the essence of snowboarding culture. The brand's commitment to innovation, performance, and style is reflected in every aspect of its identity, from the sleek wordmark design to the engaging marketing materials. Stilo is poised to become a leader in the snowboarding apparel industry, connecting with snowboarders worldwide and inspiring them to embrace their sense of adventure and individuality.

Santiago Barrionuevo
Logo & Brand Identity Designer

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