Weekly Warm-up #134

This is my take on Weekly Warm-up #134:

«Create illustrations for a children's book about our oceans.»

Tools Used. Photoshop • InDesign • ChatGPT

I used ChatGPT for the story to base the book on. For anybody interested in reading the whole story - here it is 😉

«Once upon a time, there was a little turtle named Pokey. Pokey loved to swim around in the ocean, exploring new places and meeting new friends.

One day, while swimming near the surface, Pokey saw a group of dolphins playing and jumping out of the water. Pokey had never seen anything like it before and was amazed by how graceful they were.

Pokey decided to swim up and say hello, but as Pokey got closer, the dolphins suddenly stopped playing and swam away. Pokey was confused and a little bit sad. Had they not liked Pokey? Did Pokey do something wrong?

But then Pokey realized that the dolphins weren't scared or unfriendly - they were just busy! Dolphins, like many other creatures in the ocean, had a lot of important things to do, like finding food and taking care of their families.

Pokey learned an important lesson that day: even though everyone in the ocean was different, they all had important roles to play in the ecosystem.

Pokey continued to explore and meet new friends, but now with a greater understanding and respect for the diversity of life in the ocean.»

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