Avascan - Brand Demo

We're huge fans of what teams on Avalanche are up to, and all of that wouldn't be possible without an advanced explorer. And yes, we're talking about Avascan, which continues to ship features the users love.

The team behind the product continues to challenge the competition, and over the past few months, we've seen some excellent integrations and releases (Stats, Universal Search, Premium Subnet Explorer).

We appreciate the team's vision and effort put into being a completely integrated multi-chain explorer (the first one). That being said, we believe that @avascan should become a default explorer on Avalanche.

Being a market leader requires sustainable tech development, innovation, and distinctive, relatable, yet fun brand language supported by tested UX, coherent UI, and motion to form a consistent experience across all interaction points.

From our experience, we can say that carefully crafted brand and product design results in increased NPS, and some intentionally made "easter eggs" will help to quickly onboard and hook new users.

We're open to cooperation

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