Spotify Redesigned with Neo-Brutalism Concept

Spotify Redesigned with Neo-Brutalism: An Exploration of Boldness.

In this redesign of the Spotify landing page, I have taken inspiration from the bold and functional aesthetic of Neo-Brutalism. With its emphasis on raw materials and stark geometric shapes, Neo-Brutalism has long been associated with functionalism, durability, and efficiency - all qualities that are key to the Spotify user experience.

My goal was to reimagine the Spotify landing page with a more dynamic and bold visual language, while still preserving its intuitive and streamlined functionality and style.

The colour palette of the new Spotify design is also inspired by the raw and unpolished aesthetic of Neo-Brutalism, with shades of green and blue dominating the background, and pops of bold, high-contrast colours used sparingly to draw attention to critical elements. This creates a stark yet striking contrast that feels modern and edgy.

I created the designs on Figma and made the animations in Aninix 🎨🎮

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