apawfive | A brand working towards human-animal harmony

Project Summary

apawfive is a community-driven brand focused on shaping a culture of harmony between humans and animals. They have an established following of a few thousand subscribers/followers on YouTube and Instagram, consistently engaging with their content. We had to visualise a brand identity that perfectly captured their intent and goals.

Our Role

We functioned as apawfive's lead UI/UX and brand designer, and copywriter, collaborating on design and development solutions throughout the project cycle.

Our responsibilities included planning and requirements gathering, concept ideation, brand and visual design, prototyping, and design implementation.

The Challenge

apawfive communicates their stories by being research-driven, through personal experiences as pet parents, and their work with community dogs, using powerful photography and video as their primary means of expression. But new subscribers often mistook them for an animal shelter or NGO.

Our challenge was to rebuild the brand from scratch, clearly expressing apawfive's goals and aspirations with their audience.

Simply put, apawfive was not, and did not want to become an animal shelter or NGO. But instead a fun, education and awareness brand.

Project Duration

January 2023 - Ongoing

Why not immerse in the experience directly?

You can check the website at www.apawfive.com!

Posted on Feb 21, 2023

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