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I worked on a little something for Timehop in regards to their Product Designer opening in NYC.

Getting people to connect as many accounts, as soon as possible is crucial to the onboarding experience of Timehop, as well as user retention rates. If people don’t connect a bunch right from the get go, they are going to be lost as no useful content will show up and they’ll get no instant benefit.

I found that the current on-boarding process is sub-optimal in order to stimulate connecting accounts after the initial ask to connect accounts. I have therefore integrated connecting accounts in to the timeline. It sits on top of the existing entries and can be skipped.

I also cleaned up the general aesthetics and added increased focuse to the content displayed, especially pictures, as seen in this example.

One more change is that I have detached the cogwheel up top in order to make it stand out more (because that is where you can connect more accounts, oh yeah).

I also came up with a time-wheel that allows people to scroll back in time. Check it out in the attachment.

Posted on May 14, 2015

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