Akroasis - Ilion (full album art)

The Band

Full album art for metal band. Artwork done for the album “Ilion” by the Swiss metal band Akroasis. This is their debut, a concept album about the events surrounding the Trojan War and the return to home of Odysseus. The band presents an interesting mix of genres that move between thrash metal, melodic death metal, progressive metal … More info about the band in their website.

The artwork

I illustrated and designed the entire album art. That includes the panoramic illustration for the front & back artwork, the art for the cd and the tray, the digipak inner panel and the 16 pages booklet design.

The album main art covers both front and back cover with a single illustration. It features the moment of Ulysses’ journey in which he faces Scylla and Charbydis in the Strait of Messina. The hero is forced to choose between the two evil creatures that control the passage through the strait.

These were the illustrations for the inside panel of the digipak, as well as for the disc and the image under the CD tray. These last two illustrations actually form two parts of the same concept and when we take the cd we discover Charybdis behind the disk. A little visual game that plays on the idea that Charybdis is really a hidden creature that causes the terrible vortex by which it is normally recognized.

This was the design and layout for the 16 page booklet.

And the final printed result:

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