Corporate Banking Mobile IOS App

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Hey-hey! Meet our brand new design for a Corporate Banking App 👛

💳This app can store several cards and display a company’s general balance. One can track transactions and pay bills here 🧾

👀A user views their cards, transfers money, and checks the transaction history 💸

🍏 Banking apps are always associated with the green color. That’s why we have selected a green to brown gradient for the background. The white accents help users focus on the key content 👌

It’s a corporate app, so several users can manage finances here. It displays the total available funds and enables users to scan or upload files for transactions 👍💵

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Check out our article and learn how to create a FinTech app.

Interface by Natasha Chirkova

Motion by Ed Shapovalov

Purrweb UI/UX Agency
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