Karolis Masilionis

21 days of posters #19

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21 days of posters #19 color wheel mckenna psychedelic contemporary art typography aesthetic 21dayproject inspirational poster

Day 19 from 21. Only two more to go.

Today's quote comes from the psychedelic bard Terrence Mckenna. He gave thousands hours of speeches and I've listened to most of them. It was tough to choose one quote. The man's verbal agility is astounding, and he can be quoted sentence by sentence.

This particular sentence appears in the outro of London Real podcast, so two birds with one stone: "What we call reality is, in fact, nothing more than a culturally sanctioned and linguistically reinforced hallucination."

Difficult to wrap your mind around if taken out of the context, however it sounds rather basic compared to some other of his theories.

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