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In 2022 I worked with the Axiom team to update their logo. Axiom gives developers the power to gain instant, actionable insights on all their data as efficiently as possible.

They wanted a more robust logo with a nice balance between serious and 80's geek nostalgia. Plus the needed a stand-alone symbol with softer edges.

Over the course of a few weeks we went through various iterations of sketches, digital concepts, and finetuning. After which my friend James McDonald laid the groundworks of their new website.


When making geometric shapes I often use grids to make sure the shape is clean, simple, and nice to look at. But only after I've made a first version and am happy with the general direction.

It helps to keep things pixel-perfect at smaller sizes and aids in keeping things visually balanced. But in the end I stick to it loosely because often you need to veer from it to make it tweak it by eye to make it feel right.

Can you spot the places where I ignored the grid?

Further Elements


For the wordmark I used Clarika Pro Grotesque but manually rounded the corners to create a better fit with the symbol.


Also created round and square avatars. Never use the same image for that becasue on rounded avatars the symbol should be a bit smaller to properly balance things out.

Previous logo

As you can see the previous logo was really sharp and hard to use on smaller sizes.

Color palette

Not too much to say about these. Who does not like a nice purple palette?


Thanks for reading! Please do let me know what you think.

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Posted on Feb 2, 2023
Jord Riekwel
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