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I am excited to share my exploration of the design for the e-commerce website TeaTea-An, which offers premium green tea products aimed at improving joint health, particularly among the elderly. But, please note that the website design I created, including the brand, subject, product, and content displayed, and are merely an exploration of ideas and design. Okay, let's cut to the chase and check out the results of the exploration design.

About the Client and Their Business Field

TeaTea-An is a premium green tea brand that is good for improving body health, targeting older people to maintain their joint health. TeaTea-An markets its products offline through the stores they manage. And seeing the development of marketing methods today, TeaTea-An is trying to maximize its efforts to also market its products online, one of which is through its website.

Design Preview

Target Audience

TeaTea-An targets consumers of premium products. And specifically for this product, it targets older people. Through the previously used marketing method or offline through the stores they manage, the spread of the product is limited. And with the presence of this website, it is hoped that the sales reach of the product can be wider, because the product can be purchased by more people in various places by accessing the TeaTea-An website

Appearance and Impression

The TeaTea-An website is expected to display a warm, natural, simple, elegant, and clear impression. By targeting older people, the website also tries to be as effective and clear as possible.

This website design is also made based on some special requests and needs to support TeaTea-An's marketing goals during this period of time. For example, there is a special offer being shown, which is a 50% discount with a limited offer time range. In addition, at the beginning of the website, there is expected to be a CTA (Call to Action) for visitors to fill in their phone number so they can get a special offer. This CTA will then lead to a new page containing a complete purchase form and successfully receive a 50% discount. Of course, the website must also provide a responsive or mobile version and a desktop version.


What do you think about my design? I hope you enjoy it.

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