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Hello guys! 🙌

Long time no see, Today I'm back with my latest design exploration from a website called Scoota, a showcase for scooter products and an online shop that carries a minimalist and elegant theme. Combined with the Cool 3d Scooter product by ekostsov you can also check the other great 3d design here!

Please scroll down for other interesting things 👍


Here is the website header, the main idea of ​​this header is to showcase products, and users can buy products directly, it not only has a minimal and elegant theme but also can meet the needs of users.

Preview Design

Here is the detail of my design exploration, Keep scroll and enjoy!

Full Version

Here is the full-page version of my design exploration, Keep scroll and enjoy!

Thanks for Scrolling up to This Point!🫡

Hope you guys like it! Cheers for checking out. Please share your opinion in the comments section and don’t forget to press “L” if you love it.

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