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Hi! We have prepared a fresh Tourist Route App for you 🧳🧭🗺️

✔️The first screen displays a list of categories. Here you can choose your desired category and the route you need. You see the selected place’s location and rating 👍 We added a tab bar to improve usability.

✔️The second screen demonstrates a route card. Here you can find details about your route, see the starting point on the map, and save the route or start it 🚶🏽 

✔️The third screen lets you see a map that shows your route. On this map, you can find attractions ✨ as well as the places where you can stop and have a rest 🛋️. 

✔️There is a card that contains both the name and difficulty level of your route. You can also learn how many people have selected the same route. 

✔️If you wish to know the length 📏 of the route and the time 🕧 it requires, use the special cards with this information.

Black 🖤 sets accents and highlights the interface buttons. Besides, it helps create a dynamic contrast. Orange 🧡 serves as a minor color—we use it for the second most important elements. This color symbolizes movement, so it reflects the idea of this app.

You can choose the point where you are 📍 now and the app will show you the nearest available routes and details about them. You don’t have to open dozens of other apps and maps, as our product has everything you wish to know.

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Interface by Maria Butina

Motion by Maxim Esipov

Purrweb UI/UX Agency
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