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A refined user experience and visual overhaul for one of the biggest supply chain management platforms in the Netherlands. Read the full case study on

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ImpactBuying is committed to enabling sustainable buying for companies and consumers worldwide. Their online platform ensures that every link of the supply chain is properly documented. That way retailers at the end of the chain can be assured of the sustainability of their business partners.


The ImpactBuying struggled to cater to its non tech-savvy users while maintaining a coherent and clean visual expression. The ImpactBuying platform was in need of an improved ease of use for first time users while remaining hospitable towards power-users. platform was in need of an improved ease of use for first time users while remaining hospitable towards power-users.


Our UX Design team delivered an extensive body of research, getting to the ins and outs of what makes this seemingly mysterious set of users tick. The batch of wireframes that followed consisted of a redesign for most of the platform. We worked out the most fundamentally changing sections to achieve optimal usability enhancement.

The Visual Design team presented a tweaked color palette and typography kit, and processed these in designs for a series of the platforms’ key screens. With the delivery of the new UI kit being the cherry on top.a

Tables, tables and even more tables

ImpactBuying’s platform should be able to harbor immense heaps of data. For this purpose the User Interfaces could do with a with a set of improvements. Optimized filter options, new labels, alternating row tints all helped in transforming an overwhelming set of data into a comprehensive and consumable overview.


ImpactBuying is ready to enter the development stage of their new and improved platform with a defining set of wireframes, ready to take on the global food supply chain. The screens we designed and Design System we made allow for a proper implementation of the freshly refined style and UI expression.

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