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Hey fellas, I’m happy to share with you Use Сases pages I made for Apres' website.


Apres is the operating system for the AI-driven organization. The platform helps both technical and non-technical teams optimize AI models by finding hidden information in data, generating human-readable explanations for model decisions, and providing transparency into AI operations. This goes beyond traditional machine-learning management to create powerful new data, drawing on the expertise of people to drive better decisions. The result is giant leaps in performance.


After completing the Apres identity, the company asked me to fully redesign their website from scratch. They wanted to: target the enterprise market, communicate the company’s values, and create an easy to understand story about the product. The biggest challenge was simplifying a complex, technical story to help non-technical users understand the product’s value and create trust in the solution.


After the Home and Product pages were done we jumped to the next part important part of the website — Use Cases. Here we wanted to describe the how the product can solve different needs of buisnesses. To make the learning process easier, we took descibed each case on examples from the application by demonstrating how these issues can be solved from screen to screen, so when the users would start using a product they would spend less time on learning and more on making things they wanted. As a result we got an interesting story that engaged people to get to know our product better and not get bored.

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I’m a user-centric product designer, focused on creating products that users love and brands that imprints in peoples’ hearts. Multidisciplinary approach gives me the complete freedom to create and improve all sides of your company needs.

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