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Hi guys! 🖐

I am happy to share with you screens of a habit-forming app I recently worked on for Octo Entertainment LLC.

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The task was to make an MVP product, which would be further replenished with new functionality. That's why it was necessary from the very beginning to create a framework that would be flexible and convenient for future functionality.

The first version of the app will have basic functions: drink water, run, meditate, eat, walk, and monitor calories. The user will also be able to create a new habit or workout and customize it.

At this stage, the user can see data on sleep, mood, as well as basic water and calorie counts in the profile. A ranking system has been developed for all users. Ranks are increased daily if the user is active and engaged in sports.

One of the main requirements for the application is sociality. The user should be able to compete with their friends and add them to new challenges, thereby getting new rewards.

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Andrew Larin
UI & UX Designer. ⤵

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