The 3D Animation for the Biotech Startup

Hey, guys! Here to continue sharing details about the BioAge project. Make sure to check it out on Behance

It is the longevity company dedicated to extending the human lifespan and enhancing the quality of life. Deciphering molecular mechanisms and working at different levels - starting from cellular - is what has the potential to change aging for all of us. So, that's why the main idea of ​​this visual was to show the cell in great detail and how new cells interact. 

Before starting work, we studied various cells to convey all the processes as realistically as possible in the design and display the macroworld accurately.

The challenging task was to implement the zoom effect. To do this, we carefully planned each of the stages. It all starts from the cell. After we see the connections between the cells in the vicinity, which in a large mass are connected to different layers of the skin. For the connection I applied the plexus effect, and it was well-suited for displaying the connections. At the moment of moving away, the absence of cuts was an important point, so everything looks solid. The process was difficult, but it turned out looking so effortless yet sophisticated. 

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