Midland Appliance

Full Punch got in touch for assistance on redesigning the logo of Midland Appliance. 

Founded in 1972, Midland is a household appliance dealer located in Canada, focusing on the upscale and luxury segment.


After reviewing the briefing, I started to get a sense of how the letters would work together in a different variety of styles. This immediately gave away we needed to use the natural flow of the letters to our benefit.  

Concept Development

It was clear we needed to find a middle ground between the top two sketches. Using the flow of the top left sketch and the mono-line thickness of the top right sketch. Besides, adding a more pronounced M which could be used as a stand-alone icon. 

Although definitely an improvement, the "M" felt a bit lost compared to the other characters. I decided to use the top right sketch "M" I made earlier as a reference because it felt more cohesive. 

The middle bottom M felt the best as a wordmark and also as a stand-alone icon. With a small touch, reducing the length of the bottom left stroke, the foundation was set. 


It still feels a bit wonky overall, which we are going to solve in the final stage.

A few pointers:

  • The ascenders are slightly bent, which need to be straight. 

  • Add extra weight and look at all the line work. 

  • Make sure all the characters have the same italic slant. 

  • Increase top-line of the M.

  • Reduce size of the "i" dot.

The Final Logo

The time spend to get it visually to this level was totally worth it. It feels cohesive as a whole and the consistency is massively improved. 



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