Leaderboard - Onboarding, Game Map View, and Game Lobby

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Here are the preview of onboarding screens, game map view screens and team setup screens Leaderboard App design project. With the clear and minimalism interface, hopefully can enhance of the user’s experience 🙌

The details of the screens will be explained below:

  • Onboarding → a preview screen when user visiting the app for the first time

  • Game Map View → a preview screen to see the ongoing game that running on the map mode.

  • Game Lobby → a preview screen before user entering the round. They can wait for more people who want to join the game, add player, and also delete them from the round player list.

Learn more about this app at www.leaderboardgolf.co

This app is ready on the AppStore, you can download it here.

We are looking forward to hear your feedback. Press L if you like it!

Thank you 🤩

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