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Cashew is the leading “buy now, pay later” payment provider in the Arab states, focused on instant point-of-sale financing for e-commerce and in-store transactions. Cashew was founded in Dubai, UAE in 2020 as a fintech company that allows consumers to buy now and pay later through an intuitive and frictionless checkout experience.

The mission of Embacy was to embody the idea of being happy and secure about the shopping experience into a design.

Text masking

Embacy tried to bring excitement and care to Cashew's fashion-forward audience with bold text slicing. The latter is a visualization of the brand’s tagline “split into parts, enjoy at once”. To do this Embacy employed text masking, putting text in a frame and pressing the “clip content” button.


Taking into consideration Cashew’s Arab roots, Embacy paid homage to the region’s rich culture through floral and abstract patterns. The brand floral pattern captures the spirit of stability and follows the ongoing concept of infinite possibilities. This pattern is adopted in social media communications to broaden the variability of designs in posts that address secondary messages (rubrics, blogs, highlights).


The word “cashew” also refers to a nut. This reference inspired Embacy to create a logo icon that reminds the forms of a cashew nut. The logotype part is written in lowercase to highlight that Cashew is a service that is easy and close to its customers, without any corporate vibes. The Cashew logo is the epitome of the style idea and business values: it’s about being human, approachable and providing endless opportunities.


The Cashew logo is an epitome of the style idea and business values: it’s about being human, approchable and providing endless opportunities. The cashew symbol is assembled from a human form and looping it in a circle of 8 is referencing the idea of infinity both in shape and number. Also the kolovrat brings a feeling of movement referencing the dynamics and responsiveness in Cashew’s services.


3D cashew shapes are formed from the basic cashew form in the logo icon. The 3D cashews can be composed in a completely abstract form, conveying the idea of infinite possibilities.

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