6 Responses

  1. Tom H Tom H

    looks good, but not so sure about the fade in that arrow!

    almost 3 years ago

  2. Nico Tzogalis Nico Tzogalis

    Ok, thanks for your comment. :)
    How would you do it?

    almost 3 years ago

  3. Tom H Tom H

    an arrow, same height as the blue icons, but no fade out.


    almost 3 years ago

  4. Nico Tzogalis Nico Tzogalis

    Tried your but not convinced

    almost 3 years ago

  5. Bjørn Endre Langeland Bjørn Endre Langeland

    Sweet! But I do agree with Tom, the latter one is better.

    almost 3 years ago

  6. Nico Tzogalis Nico Tzogalis

    Ok, thanks for the feedback! :) I'll try it or find maybe something else.

    almost 3 years ago

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