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Welcome to tramma.

The support network made for solo mothers.

Who are the solo mothers?

Solo mother (or autonomous mother) is the woman who assumes all responsibilities for the child, whether financial or affective.

The disuse of the term “single mother” indicates some progress in the discussion of the subject, understanding that being or not in a relationship does not necessarily mean sharing the mission of raising, educating and participating in the life of a child.

That's why tramma was created.

An app that offers the support that is lacking through the creation of connections, training possibilities, products and services focused on the physical and socio-emotional well-being of this woman.

The Brand

tramma's brand was created to be minimal and cozy and this has happened since the choice of its name. Trama is the Portuguese word for threads intertwined in a fabric that form a net. Since the objective of the business is to strengthen the network and create connections, it made sense for us to assume this identity. The double M alludes to the word "Mamma" referring to the target audience.

As seen in the animation above, the logo has 3 variations that differ by the glyph between the R & A, these variations were purposely thought to semantically bring the symbology of a fabric that stretches and has elasticity and fluidity, just like in real life. This resource turns out to be a brand signature that can be applied at different touch points, such as loading the app, for example.

The brand's colors and patterns also tried to escape the chromatic pink cliché that apps designed for women usually have. We use black as the predominant color, symbolizing strength and as a strategy to differentiate ourselves from others. All brand colors are named after attributes that are found in mothers such as Strength, Courage, Affection, Chest, and Support.

  • Brand Design by Maria Carolina Barbosa


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Maria Carolina Barbosa
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