Pizzeria Capri \ branding design by Jaime Claure

Project: Branding concept for "Pizzeria Capri" restaurant
Client: Pizzeria Capri, Bolivia
My Services: Art Direction, Branding Design, Packaging, Web design

I worked on the "Pizzeria Capri" restaurant branding within the project, developed a design concept including the logotype, business card, web design, packaging boxes and bags. Pizzeria Capri is a high italian cuisine restaurant featuring cozy surroundings, a real fireplace, a menu with hefty pizza portions and establishment owners working as waiters. An important trait of the Pizzeria Capri is the high product quality. The chef is quite obsessed with it. This was the reason the main emphasis of a tasteful design based builds a unique design language and a solid identity about italian food.

My idea was recreating for the visitors the italian feeling and they have full of tasty smells and magic allowed me to have a range of different ideas, where I could have designed a pastas, lasagne, pizza and toatsies for the packaging but I found that the bags has a better look and it will be easier and cost efficient to produce. The pizza is a fun and playful kind of a product so I intended to keep that essence through my packaging idea creating a new and innovative design and solution for a new packaging. For this project we had to design athe branding, and create a packaging that will grasp the consumers attention. So I had chosen to pizza and pastas package boxes and bags to brand it with good design. Our packaging design should stand out in this area of the refrigerators. Our packaging should communicate a identity about italian food and inform the consumer. It should create a postive effect on the consumer.

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