2021-22 Project with Humla, a fintech startup within the Axel Johnson Group. 

Humla is a payments service and debit card that rewards you when you shop, that you then can redeem yourself at their partner stores or give to selected charities. The idea here was to design a payments product that encourages conscious consumption, spending only money you actually have, and rewarding financially healthy decisions.

I had a lot of fun working this project with a great team, learning more about how to innovate in fintech, where a lot of due diligence is required (help here was had from our partner SEBx who did the payments infra). Along with the usual Product Design / Design System work I do, I designed my first payment card (!) which was a lot more challenging than I thought. All in all really cool seeing it in person when it is now coming to fruition.

Humla is now in BETA, sign up to the waitlist to try it out at (Sweden only as of now).


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