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Hey guys! I confess that I was very anxious to be able to share one of the biggest projects that I had the pleasure of participating in and it was launched last week, Story TV! Story TV is a controlled platform for big influencers to download all their stories in a way that they are organized by different categories and, thus, recover all the content produced daily and make it available to their followers to watch anytime and anywhere.

It's amazing to give life to such a revolutionary project at this current time, when the consumption of fast and dynamic content is growing more and more. With the participation of major influencers, Story TV has already started to impact thousands of lives. And to start the launch, we have @joeljota as the first influencer to participate in the platform, which is a reference in the production of content aimed at personal development.

There's a lot of room for improvement, your feedback and appreciation are always welcome 😍

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