CC League Bahrain

There's probably no better timing to showcase this project than now, when the football/soccer World Cup 2022 is still live. About 14 months ago, I've been working closely with members of the Bahrain Royal Family on this visual identity for a top priority project - a junior FEMALE soccer league, for young GIRLS age 9-14. Logo symbol presents a fusion between a soccer ball, the young blooming flower and a star, representing community, energy, joy, networking. Using elements of the logo a special pattern was developed for official league uniforms and a different league program, which I will be sharing with a different shot.

Another logo lockup with a more classic approach for different logo applications.

Original pattern was created for promotional items too. While carrying a stylized Arabic vibe, you can spot elements in the negative space as well, such as balls, flowers, stars...

"Overall goal of the project is simple, the focus of the young program is to celebrate girls playing soccer in the community and normalize the idea of girls playing sports.

The idea behind the organization comes from being fed up with years of elite sports where the focus is only on winning and avoiding loss. The idea is to focus more on the social side of sports and provide a pressure-free atmosphere to enjoy sports and use the space to foster positive social change."

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