Creative Soirée Series

As a part of our effort to build an authentic community-driven platform at Coworkly, we decided to produce and host a series of exclusive events designed for commercial designers, creatives, and leaders at some of the coolest brands.

The Main Goal

Plan an event and build a set of event marketing collateral as a sub-brand of Coworkly that stands out on its own and helps us achieve certain metrics for building an authentic community.

The Creative Brief for Collateral

The Vibe: Hip, Fun, Swanky, Exclusive, Creative, Authentic

The Must-Haves: Name tags, Notebooks, Raffle Tickets, Coworkly Swag, RSVP Website, Email Confirmations

In an effort to stay authentic, we weren't out for perfection. In fact, we chose to stay rustic with the curated materials, opting for yarn, paper clips, recycled paper, and stamp textures.

The Name Tags

We knew from the very beginning that the name tag design needed to be functional, stylish, personal, and unique. We did a lot of research into different materials, styles, functions, and fits. We ultimately landed on a booklet-style name tag, with an outward facing name + custom QR codes that linked to that guest's portfolio or LinkedIn page.

When the guest opened their name tag, they'd find a hand-written welcome/thank you note along with three raffle tickets paper-clipped to the inside.

The design + functionality achieved all our goals and ultimately impressed the crowd.

Achieving Exclusivity + Authenticity

through the invite website

We wanted more than just an Eventbrite page for the RSVP flow. Instead, we wanted the landing page to feel like the invitee had just happened upon a virtual speak easy.

When each guest RSVP'd, they received a custom-designed email confirmation with links to our ticketing partner (Markit Social) and other info on the event details.

And we made sure that the copy and style of the website captured our goals of wanting to spark authentic connections in the creative community.

To make it feel unique and modern, we used a two-tone texture photography treatment for some photography in the website, emails, and marketing materials. Using the darkest and brightest colors from our chosen palette, we were able to dress up the stock photography in a way that felt unique to our brand.

A little extra swag

While we kept the to-be-expected corporate swag to a minimum, we did design & print a custom banner to post up in the event venue & t-shirts for Coworkly reps.


Event Photographer: Alex Bruno

Creative Director & Designer: Connor Murdock

Event Producer: Tyler Blair

Connor Murdock
Designerpreneur @ Coworkly

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