Toyota + Smart Device Ecosystem

Case Study

Toyota + Smart Device Ecosystem 

Vehicle + Connected Device Platform Integration Proof of Concept


Worked directly with Toyota product team and engineers to create a proof of concept to integrate vehicles into connected device ecosystem utilizing vehicle telemetry and controls. Once integrated vehicles and devices can be inter-connected and controlled allowing for complex automations such as proximity garage doors opening automatically, doors unlocking, house heating, lights turning on. 


Lead Product Designer and worked directly with Toyota product team in Japan

Process 1: Initial vehicle interaction model concepts

Process 2: Initial mobile application framework

Process 3: High-Fidelity Mobile application

Process 4: High-Fidelity Mobile application vehicle controls

Process 4: High-Fidelity Mobile vehicle device controls


Proof of concept was developed into mobile application and integrated into different car models, including Prius, 4Runner, and Lexus. Application worked end to end and was successful.

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Posted on Nov 16, 2022
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