Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Poster

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever premiered this weekend and in collaboration with Marvel and AMC Theaters, we’re excited to release a poster celebrating the new film. The poster is illustrated from an aerial view, looking down at what appears to be both the Wakanda Royal Talon Fighter while also representing the mask of the fallen King T’Challa. The signature claw necklace may appear to be just that at first glance, but upon closer inspection the claws are actually a row of Dora Milaje special forces warriors, holding their spears and defending the space craft. Emerging from the water and onto the beach are the Talocan warriors led by prince Namor.

The Wakanda Forever poster is an 18” x 24” two-color screen print on 10pt Brilliance Gold Foil and is available now in the DKNG Store. Our artist edition of the poster is super limited to 100 prints, signed and numbered by DKNG. Check out our initial color sketch below along with close-up shots of the finished print.

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