CFL is a Communication platform to engage with patients remotely and to provide continuity of care with proven implementation feasibility in HIV, TB, COVID-19 case surveillance, and vaccination programs.

The app for health workers allows real-time feedback on their patients. It allows intensifying the communication between medical workers and patients. The tailored distribution of OpenMRS enables increased patient and caregiver engagement through the use of basic mobile phone capabilities (e.g., SMS, IVR, WhatsApp) and empowers the patient with self-management possibilities.

By leveraging mobile phones, CFL was initially launched to reduce the information gap between patients and providers. It was based on the MoTech platform to reach people in remote settings with limited health resources for diseases with a strong stigma, like HIV. Connect for Life™ OpenMRS is the next version developed by SolDevelo for Johnson & Johnson Global Public Health that is integrated into OpenMRS.

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