Blackfinch Group Illustrations 

Our third time outing with Blackfinch Group was more rewarding and fulfilling. As I was given lots of freedom to explore and experiment with my craft, and yes, the results showed!​​​​​​​ The main illustration was to capture the idea of birds building together. This brings an emotional touch to a scenic English landscape background. 

Business section illustrations cover themes varying from Ventures, Asset Management, Investments, Energy & Property, and for a few, we captured the essence set in the beautiful landscape by bringing in a human angle to it. (family, people, individuals, group)


Client: Blackfinch Group

Marketing Manager:  Emma Harrison

Business & Creative Partner: Anand Peter

Associate Illustrator: Jinu KS

Illustration: Febin Raj​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Full project published in Behance

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