07 Dribbble Kraków Meetup

Hello everyone!

We invite you to 07 Dribbble Kraków Meetup! 🙌

The Dribbble Meet’up Kraków is a series of events dedicated to professionals responsible for Product Design and Branding in various industry segments. 

⭐️ Join us, meet people from your local area, exchange knowledge, get inspired, and have fun. The 7th edition will be held on 16 November in Hevre, Kraków.




Kacper Murzyn & Piotr Mierzyński

Product / Webflow Designer & UI Designer, Netguru

“Przygotowanie i implementacja Style Guide z wykorzystaniem Figmy i Webflow”



Wojtek Dziedzic

Senior Product &  Interaction Designer, Brainly

“Zawsze mierz swoje przypuszczenia – Growth Design w teorii i praktyce”



Kalina Tyrkiel

Content Strategist / UX Writer, Doc Planner

“To, czego brakowało: o projektowaniu treści”



You will be able to get tickets in two pools. All details will be available soon on the event website and on the Dribbble Kraków fanpage.

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Posted on Nov 4, 2022
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