Sweat Economy - Website Concept 💧

Hey everyone 👋 

Super stoked to showcase a very special project of mine from a few months ago!

Back in spring ☀️, our lovely Head of Design, Diana Prohoda, asked me to use my "design magic" and create our first-ever website for the freshly released crypto movement ⎯ Sweat Economy.


A short intro 💦

Sweat Economy is a founding entity of the Open Economy of Movement. 

By tokenizing physical activity, Sweat Economy produces a token, SWEAT, which can be used to form a broader economic ecosystem where the value of physical activity can be exchanged, verified, and calculated.

Learn more about Sweat Economy & SWEAT →

Website ⎯ Concept & UI Guidelines 🟣

Back when we started developing the first concept of the website, everything was a blank canvas.

The main challenge with the original version of the website was the content, as there was a lot to introduce to our readers and so, we needed each section to be clear and easy-to-read.

The end-result was a slick, dark mode website, with a high focus on 3D illustrations and also gradients. Typography was kept simple, transitioning our main app font ⎯ Inter ⎯ to the website as well. 💪

We knew from the beginning that the original website would have a short life because, with the announcement of TGE, Sweat Economy transitioned into its next phase and with that, a brand new website is taking shape.

But for that, more to follow in the future...👀

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