Hustle Fund Rebrand

Hustle Fund is a venture capital firm investing in hilariously early startups (meaning fast-executing teams at the pre-seed and seed stages).

During one of our first meetings, Eric Bahn (General Partner of Hustle Fund) told us “If you cover the logo, all VC websites look the same.”

And that’s when the happy hippo and the yellow minivan came into play.

Above all, Hustle Fund’s digital experience was meant to be friendly, inclusive, and inviting to every founder and investor.

A family atmosphere and fun are among the core values of the firm.

Hustle Fund's key differentiator is the volume and quality of content they produce across various media outlets and formats.

But, such a knowledge goldmine might feel overwhelming and hard to navigate and discover.

So we mapped all content paths from the top navigation bar, footer, and related subsections to make it a journey, not a wall of random CTAs.

Let's be honest - that has been the longest portfolio list we have ever implemented.

Congrats Hustle Fund for putting so much faith in founders and delivering excellent returns to your LPs!

As you imagine, endless scrolling through an alphabetical list isn't the best experience.

Our goal was to design the right combination of default filters to highlight unicorns yet save promising newcomers from going under the radar!

Due to the numerous projects that Hustle Fund is creating (including Angel Squad, Redwood School, and Hustle Fund Scale), we had to keep in mind that the logo should be adaptable to new purposes in the future.

That’s why we combined the colorful sign with the very simple Aeonik Regular font. As a result, each new project will have its own logotype consistent with the brand identity.

Nostalgic references to 8-bit retro games and Polaroids are meant to emphasize that each shared project is another warm memory that stays with all members of the Hustle Found family forever.

And as for the unusual brand heroes that you certainly won’t find on any other VC site... Well, they just had to be here! These are the trademarks with which Eric (the mini-van guy) and Elizabeth (the hippo enthusiast) - co-founders of Hustle Fund - have been associated for years.

Shout out to the amazing team!

Design: Marta Olczak, Wojciech Losa, Zuza Zdańkowska, Justyna Olczak

Webflow: Zuza Zdańkowska, Oliwia Łubiarz, Arkadiusz Celer


Marta and Wojtek did an interview with Eric covering the process for executing this massive project! You can find it here!

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