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Eduwerks helps schools move education online. The platform has all the necessary features for the learning process: schedule, video lessons, creating homework and checking passed homework, completing the grade book, chatting with students and classes, and lists of students with all the information that the teacher needs.

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The teacher doesn't need to download the file to check homework - the platform allows to create and check directly online, in the Eduwerks system - it really saves time.

There is also an opportunity to leave comments on mistakes - the teacher can leave a detailed comment with an explanation, and the student can easily and quickly find it.

If a student forgets to pass his homework, the teacher can remind him of it in the homework section.

The teacher can see a summary of the student's progress, and attendance information on the dashboard. For example, the Normalized Grade Curve gives the teacher an average grade point.

We are proud to have had the opportunity to work on such an important online learning project because our future depends on the quality of learning in schools. It is not easy to bring the learning process online, to make it accessible, simple, and engaging. But we managed by studying user needs and trends to get a great result in the form of Eduwerks

In the application, an important point is the assistant, who is often interested in the user's condition, motivates them to enter data, and gives a number of recommendations on the use of products, sports, and more.


Visit our website to see more!

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